Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Every generation there is a slayer and her name is Buffy Summers.

On this episode of Cinedicate, we sharpen our stakes and hunt down vampires and supernatural creatures of the night. Joining the discussion is a returning guest, Ali Mesenbrink the Twitch Affiliate JuiceBoxOnline.

Before Joss Whedon would ruin Justice League, his early work created a character that would define a generation of young women. Kristy Swanson was the first to take up the role of Buffy Summers in the 1992 film, Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

A typical teenage cheerleader is thrusted into a new world as she discovers she is the chosen one to defend humanity against the vampires. After initial success, Buffy would return to the small screen as a serialized TV show with Sara Michelle Gellar as the titular role.

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