Children of Men

Children of Men
Humanity faces extinction as the world becomes infertile. Our futures rests in an unlikely person.

Welcome to the season one finale of Cinedicate! Aaron Houillon from WSTR: Galactic Public Access returns to talk about a filmmaking gem, Children of Men.

From director Alfonso Cuarón, best known for: Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, Gravity, and Roma. Creates a bleak future for humanity in this sci-fi thriller.

The world has become infertile and the human race is facing annihilation. An unlikely hero, Theo (Clive Owen) is sent to transport humanity's last hope to a group aimed to kickstart the fertility of humanity.

We conclude this season with a thought-provoking film that will both captivate your imagination and cherish overlooked aspects of life. Listen now as we recommend this great film for your watchlist.