After learning he is being fired, anchorman Howard Beale becomes the voice of the people after an explosive rant on live TV.

Welcome to another episode of Cinedicate! Simone Salis from Sim.Show returns to talk about this influential, and often overlooked, film from the 70's, Network.

From director Sidney Lumet, best known for: 12 Angry Men, Murder on the Orient Express, and The Wiz. Creates a dystopian world where truth comes second to opinion, Network.

In this black comedy, anchorman Howard Beale (Peter Finch), after learning he is losing his job, proclaims on live television that he is going to commit suicide live on-air. This then in turn creates a unprecedented ratings boost for the news network. Diana Christensen (Faye Dunaway), an eager producer capitalizes on this to disastrous effects.

If you haven't heard of this comedy before, no worries! Listen to our latest episode on why you should add this to the top of your watchlist!