Paprika (パプリカ)

Dr. Chiba, with use of state-of-the-art technology, enters the dreams of her patients as her alter ego, Paprika.

On this episode of Cinedicate, we blend the fabrics of reality with the imagination only found in dreams. Joining this episode is a returning guest, Sim Salis of The Sim Show.

Considered the Stanley Kubrick of Anime, Satoshi Kon created an animated masterpiece that is a Salvador Dali painting come to life. Both in it's aesthetic and theme, the essence of surrealism is embedded in his 2006 film Paprika.

Dr. Chiba, who is a psychiatrist, becomes Paprika when she uses a device to enter into the dreams of her patients. However, when this device falls into the wrong hands, it is up to Paprika to not only find out who stole it, but stop them before they wreak havoc on humanity.

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