Pink Floyd's The Wall

We discuss Pink Floyd's film, The Wall, on how it masterfully combines animation, music, and cinema.

On this episode of Cinedicate, we become another brick in the wall. Diego, Chicago graphic designer, returns to talk about the rock album turned live-action film, The Wall.

Pink Floyd's album, The Wall, was adapted into a film three years after its initial release. Pink Floyd combined the experimental visuals of animation and live-action to create a unique story that mirrored what their record stood for thematically.

Pink (Bob Geldof), a successful musician, while strung-out on drugs reflects back to his childhood in his hotel room. There he reminisces about the loss of his father in WWII and how his mother coped by becoming overbearing. Pink's trauma, both past and present, manifests in the creation of a wall around himself. Ultimately turning him into the very thing that killed his father.

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