Shin Godzilla (シン・ゴジラ)

Shin Godzilla (シン・ゴジラ)
Hideaki Anno retells the origin story of the famous Kaiju in Shin Godzilla.

On this episode of Cinedicate, we defend Japan against a Kaiju attack. Diego, Chicago graphic designer, returns to talk about the dark reimagining of a classic monster in Shin Godzilla.

From director Hideaki Anno (Neon Genesis Evangelion), reboots the original Godzilla film for a modern audience.

Japan must mobilize and act quickly to defend it's land from a creature from the depths of the ocean, Gojira. Or as the American government calls it, Godzilla.

What makes Godzilla a spectacular and timely story is the apparent subtext of the kaiju as an allegory for the destruction caused by nuclear weapons.