Silent Hill

Aaron from WSTR: Galactic Public Access returns to talk about one of his favorite video games turned film, Silent Hill.

On this episode of Cinedicate, we venture into another dimension and fight off demonic forces. Aaron, WSTR: Galactic Public Access host, returns to talk about the video game turned live-action film, Silent Hill.

From genre director Christophe Gans, Silent Hill is possibly the best video-game to film adaptation to date. After years of trying to secure the rights from Konami, Gans bring this story to life by it's cinematography to the score of the film reflecting the game's experience.

Rose De Silva (Radha Mitchell of Pitch Black and Finding Neverland) and her husband Christopher (Sean Bean of Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings) have an adopted daughter who is plagued by nightmares of a place called Silent Hill. Out of options, Rose takes her daughter across the country to Silent Hill West Virginia. There she meets police officer Cybil Bennett (Laurie Holden of The X-Files and The Walking Dead) and not only do they have to save Rose's daughter, but themselves as they become trapped in this cursed town.

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