To Die For

To Die For
This 1995 true-crime gem stars Nicole Kidman and Joaquin Phoenix.

Welcome to another episode of Cinedicate! This episode I am joined by Diego, a Chicago-native and graphic designer, to talk about this hidden gem from 1995, To Die For.

From director Gus Van Sant; known for Good Will Hunting, Finding Forrester, Milk, and Portlandia; pens an acclaimed black comedy introducing Nicole Kidman to her first feature role.

In this film, Suzanne Stone (Kidman) is the weather girl in her small-town community, but she dreams of being famous. However, she feels that her working-class husband (Matt Dillon) is holding her back, so she then conspires to have him murdered. In order to carry out her dark desires, she then enlists the help of a local high-schooler Jimmy (Joaquin Phoenix). Will this plan go off without a hitch or will her husband's family have suspicions?

Whether you are a die-hard Kidman fan or a follower of Joaquin Phoenix's career, this movie is definitely To Die For. Join us as we recommend and discuss this forgotten drama!