Season One Announcement

As a brief overview, Cinedicate is a film and television podcast starting October 1st. The first season will run weekly for 10 weeks. Each episode will have my guests pitch movies with the goal to stop your scroll and watch something new.

With all that has been happening recently, it couldn’t of been a more timely release. With diversity on the forefront on all of our minds, I made it an intentional goal to promote a diverse array of thought on the podcast. With a variety of films comes a variety of voices. Voices that reflect: the minority, LGBTQ, female, immigrant, belief, and many more.

We all come from all different life experiences and that influences how we view cinema. I hope you are excited as much as I am to launch Cinedicate: A Film & TV Podcast, October 1st.

See you on Spotify or your favorite podcast app. 😄